you never had to hear...

"What's your fee?"
"I'll get back to you later."
"Let me think about it."
"I need to discuss this with..."

Instead, you had the words, phrases and ability to CONFIDENTLY navigate concerns, objections AND achieve a 100% commitment to clarity with every client, every time!

Get ready, because it's not 'WHAT IF.'

It's WHEN!

Here's why...


You are great at your ZOAB (Zone Of Absolute Brilliance), but you’re having a hard time getting people to pay you well for it, or even, pay you at all.

You’ve always worked hard and been successful. You’re not afraid of hard work, but this financial uncertainty is extremely uncomfortable.

You’re most proud of saving as much as you have – you’ve done well for yourself. But, your greatest fear is blowing through the money you’ve worked so hard to save because you can’t get your business off the ground.

Having to go back to work for someone else is just not an option. What you need most is to not end your career, work, or life struggling. You’ve worked too damn hard for this!

You know it will all be worth with when you’re able to add significantly to your savings over the next 5 years, pay all your bills from your business, stop dipping into savings, work with whom you want, when you want – and travel the rest of the time!

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Get ready to say that a lot because that’s precisely what happens when you allow yourself to get out of your ‘shift’!

That feeling you have now... (#holyshift, she knows me!)

Well, kind of. That’s Sam. She’s my *person*.

Now imagine – just for a moment – that you knew your *person* as well as I know you.

That’s what we’ll do together, among other things.

We’ll figure out who you’re selling what to, why, and how you speak to them. AND... how you package your ZOAB in a way that helps your Sam the most!

Keep reading, this is about & for YOU – not me!

Let us do what WE do best,
so you can do more of what YOU do best!

*disclaimer: trainings may result in increased sales, retention, and perma-smile.

Our Testimonials

“Since working with Liz, I’ve earned $5,600 in business that I can directly relate to our work together – and that was just I the first month!”​
“Simply put, the biggest take away is consistency! I’m using the tools Liz provides to support being consistent.”​
“My income was up 422% last year! Liz is strong when she needsto be to help get through that #holyshift and she is very understanding and intuitive of my need too.”​

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