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In the meantime, let's see if this sounds like you...

You’re great at your ZOAB (Zone Of Absolute Brilliance), but you’re having a hard time getting people to pay you well for it, or even, pay you at all.
You’ve always worked hard and been successful. You’re not afraid of hard work, but this financial uncertainty is extremely uncomfortable.
You’re most proud of saving as much as you have – you’ve done well for yourself. But, your greatest fear is blowing through the money you’ve worked so hard to save because you can’t get your business off the ground.
Having to go back to work for someone else is just not an option. What you need most is to not end your career, work, or life struggling. You’ve worked too damn hard for this!
You know it will all be worth with when you’re able to pay all your bills from your business, stop dipping into savings, work with whom you want, when you want – and travel the rest of the time!

So, if you're working so hard and you’re damn good at what you do, why aren’t you further along in your business?!

I’ll tell you.  There’s actually a legit reason WHY you suck at sales?


Ready for it? 

It’s called the Dunning-Krueger effect. The more qualified you are, the more you think you’re not. 
So why is this a FUN FACT?!  Because it just means that we just have to get you good at sales, simplify your business, step away from the tech so you can do the thing you’re best at.
Because believe it or not – you’re THE BEST at that thing you do for the people you do it for. Period!

Couple this with the fact that we are conditioned at a young age to believe that the bigger your goals the harder you have to work. 

Sometimes this is true – but for women service providers especially, this stink’n think’n leads to a LOT of problems like…


  • Under-charging because you don’t think you deserve it or you’re afraid to lose the client
  • Over-delivering beyond what you promise because you feel like what you do is never enough
  • Investing with no ROI on well intentioned but wrong-for-you business or marketing programs
  • Doubling down when things get tough and desperately seeking the “piece that’s missing”
  • Running the unconscious race between being busy and burning out
  • Feeling defeated and losing the joy in your work

Sound familiar?

I’m here to offer you an alternative.

For Solo-Service Providers Who Hate Selling

Hi! I'm Liz Dederer, a 20-year 5-time entrepreneur
and I want you to have fun while
building a service business with clients you love!

Like you, and most of my clients, I’m an over-deliverer … and recovering  under-charger.
(My first coaching package was 3 sessions for $99 … AND I would drive to you… AND I would pay for lunch!) #facepalm It took me *cough* years to remove head from a**, speak my value and OWN my worth!

The good news for you is that this is, in part, why I’m so passionate about and constantly compressing your learning timeline so you’re earning sooner rather than later or never!

For a while, my business model looked EXACTLY like the one you’re going to learn in The Sales School For Entrepreneurs and that’s how I got to my first 6-Figure Year in this business...


Because I’m such a *pay-if-forward* person, I then started showing my clients STEP-BY-STEP what I did to get there… and ya know what – they started out-earning me! Then I started helping a few in some super small groups  …  and ya know what – THEY were getting the same results…. So THEN I was like  – let me live my business motto and help MORE people help more people! And POOF – The Sales School For Entrepreneurs was born! (Totally the Disney version of the story, but I do share all the drudgeries inside the school … and yes, things ending in *tini are welcomed on those days!) 

What if you could earn the ever-holy “six figures” with FAIR pricing and a service model where you can over-deliver if you want to WITHOUT burning out?
Oh… and I should also mention that you can do this…
  • without a website,
  • without a sales funnel,
  • without a “signature talk”
  • without or any other strategy that everyone else swears you must have.
Fun fact… did I mention the last business I ran was a Web Design + Marketing Agency?
And now here I am  telling you….

You DO NOT need any of that tech to create a client base

that will get you to and keep you at 5-figures per month!

You only need one offer for consistent $10K+ months.

And that’s just ONE of the many things we’ll do together in The Sales School For Entrepreneurs. 

Because of The Sales School For Entrepreneurs, you’ll have the tools, momentum, support and systems to
create income on demand for the rest of your business life!


Discover what to say, when, how often, and how to track when we unlock messaging magic secrets for steady sales success!


Release the belief that you have to be someone you’re not in order to help people and have the business you truly desire!


Unlock key tools, tech and talk to grow your business with confidence and clarity so you can create quality clients on demand!

Don’t take my word for it…

Meet some of the students in the 
Sales School For Entrepreneurs

Meet Stephanie…

Stephanie Hastings

A+ Accounting | LinkedIn

My sales increased by 107% in my 1st month of enrolling in the Sales School for Entrepreneurs! By my 2nd month sales increased by a whopping 597%. In the 3rd month, sales were up by 6%, and it has been a steady 20% increase since!
Estimating conservatively, I am on track to make well over $220,000 – $100K ABOVE the Entrepreneurial Minimum Wage!


Before working with Liz, my biggest challenge was having the sales conversation.
Even though I know that what I provide is very valuable and makes a real difference to the people I work with, I disliked the idea of thinking of myself as a “salesperson” or having to talk pricing with people.

I took everything she taught me…and used it the next day resulting in a truly profound sales call!

By having the breakthrough of confidence, I’ve moved my business forward exponentially, mentally AND financially! I now know, not only who my actual clients should be, but how I should interact with them to be the most impactful! #holyshift

I’ve learned to have real, value-rich, sales conversations, and be comfortable with my rates. I’ve also increased my confidence, the momentum of my business results, and fully been able to realize how game-changing my services truly are!

“My revenue DOUBLED in the first 2 months
in the Sales School For Entrepreneurs.”

When I read about Liz’s ideal client, Sam, I thought she was talking about me!  I was overworking, undercharging, and did not have enough business processes in place to support any sort of growth.

I started in the Conversation Creation Challenge where several things became extremely apparent to me.  Liz has a willingness and ability to meet me where I am. She has broad range of business experience and expertise from retail to technology to consulting to entrepreneurial ventures- and pulls on all of it all the time.  She’s relatable, hilarious and combining this with her undeniable business experience she simplifies ideas and concepts into digestible, actionable steps.

The simplicity of the concepts, “they’re already a client”, “email is for confirmation, not conversation”, and of course, “always book a something from a something” have been absolute game changers in the way I operate in my business.

Having conversations with are not only productive, but enjoyable for everyone! 

Not only is it now second nature to develop systems in my business, I am actively operating (mindset shift) as the CEO of my business rather than an employee.

Because of Liz’s support, expertise and simplicity of her solutions, I put myself first and fit my business in around my life – and I’m making the most I ever has as an entrepreneur! 

Meet Tricia…

So how is this magic achieved?


By implementing a high-touch, low-tech,

proven business model

with a step-by-step client enrollment process.

I will make you talk on the phone. 
If that’s not your jam, this program won’t be for you.

And, with love… you may consider re-evaluating your career as a coach.. just say’n.

The sole purpose of a business is to create a customer.

Let us do what WE do best,
so you can do more of what YOU do best!

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