Women ENTREPRENEURS earn 28% LESS than Men.

Something is seriously NOT adding up.


  • Women have literally never been taught to speak around & about money. (In fact, women are taught that it’s taboo, icky, or even rude.)
  • Women have only had the right to get a bank loan for a business WITHOUT A MANS SIGNATURE since 1988. 
  • Only 1% of women entrepreneurs have crossed the 2-comma mark. 

So, yeah, we’re on a mission to change this.


We’re on a mission to make it easier for women to be in business for themselves.


We really exist for one reason: to empower women to speak their value and own their worth so they never live a life that compromises their ability to be the best version of themselves.


To be the international gold standard for conversational selling.

Fast growing companies will seek us out to certify their sales teams in Selling With Service.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs will trust us to develop the foundation, positioning, and client facing conversations to grow their businesses.

Women across the globe will flock to us to develop and enhance life empowerment skills.


We help you Speak Your Value and OWN Your Worth!

Founder & CEO

In addition to turning around a sales team from under $300K to $1.2M in 6 months, her company has helped clients increase close rates from 0% to 80% in 30 days, end the year 50% over plan and triple top line sales in under 3 years.

Prior to starting her entrepreneurial journey in 2011, Liz created training programs and executed sales plans for international retailers as well as developed growth strategies for start-up, turnaround and high growth venture capital-backed companies.

In 2015, Liz was on a national speaking tour empowering thousands of women in business across the country on the topics of sales and money. Always one to give back, she has lent her expertise to SCORE, the Women’s Business Development Council, and has taught several entrepreneurial classes at various non-profits.

Additionally, Liz was Director of Communications for the Connecticut Chapter of the eWomenNetwork – the fastest growing chapter in the organizations then 15 year history.

Liz has been featured on the International Women and Money Summit, spoken across the country using The 4 Currencies of Conversation™ empowering professionals to Close Clients Quickly™.