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What You Will Learn

Our signature approach is designed to empower and equip you with the tools, scripts and skills to outperform your competition with...

Messaging Magic

Leverage your existing connections to create quality conversations that will grow your business! 

Pricing for Profitability

Master your money mindset so you're earning more, discounting less and keeping more of what you make! 

Sales Call Secrets

Unlock the main objections that prevent your prospects from becoming clients within the first 15 minutes of a call! 


Messaging Magic

You're already texting and typing all the time. 
Why not discover Messaging Magic that will help you convert contacts into conversations that will grow your business!


Pricing Strategies

Discover how to price your products and service offerings to elevate the caliber of your clientele without alienating existing clients!


Sales Call Secrets

With our proven sales script framework, you'll discover how to easily communicate with clarity and confidence so your prospects feel supported, safe and excited to quickly become your next client!  

Close Clients Quickly is designed for YOU, (the non-sales person!), so you can easily, quickly and effectively MASTER the art of the sales conversation so you are in command of your cashflow, business and your life! 


“I made $5,600 as a direct result what I learned! 

When the session was over and I needed another boost in sales, I went back to the recording and closed a client in the first 20 minutes of my next call!”

— Julie L.
Binge Eating Disorder Expert

Imagine working with more people...

Close Clients Quickly is designed knowing that time is of the essence.  You don't need another 90 day, 6 month or even year long coaching program. You need fast action, done-with-you materials that give you tactical, actual and practical take-aways you can touch so you can Close Clients Quickly!

No more - "I'll get back to you later", or, "Let me think about it," or even, "I need to discuss this with my spouse/business partner/etc."

Instead, you'll have the tools to achieve 100% commitment to clarity with every client, every time!

During this LIVE MiniClass, through a combination of content delivery, conversation and Q&A, you will:

  • Discover my 10 Proven Steps to having a perfect sales call, every time so in your next enrolling conversation, you'll know what to say, why you're saying it and how to maintain courageous control of the conversation!
  • Discuss enrolling questions that leave you and your client feeling powerful and fully engaged so you can walk them to clarity every time!  
  • Hear from some of the MasterClass Graduates themselves and discover what they are saying in their sales calls that is leading to them generating thousands of dollars and working with more clients than they could imagine!

Picture it... a full client roster...

What would that do to your business, your income, and your confidence?

Imagine your closing rate increasing with one more client per month.

  • How much more money would you be able to save each month?
  • What causes would you be able to contribute to?
  • How many more people could you add to your community?
  • How much bigger would you be showing up in the world if you were able to close one more client per month?
  • How many more lives would you be able to impact if you were more skilled at closing the clients who were coming to you with a problem you know you can solve?
  • What would your income look like if you could not only close one more client per month, but one more per week, or even close a client each day?
  • Imagine how much easier it would be for you to be able to enrich each client's experience by having more clients coming into your world?
  • How quickly could you expand your empire with the additional revenue coming in from master the art of closing clients quickly?

All of this is possible when you're able to Close Clients Quickly!


I closed a client on the spot for $6,000 THE NEXT DAY!

-Colin H.
Residential and Commercial Architect 

I was up 50% in the FIRST 30 days and DOUBLED that in my 2nd month! 

I went from 0-100 in less than a month!  I felt very uncomfortable and awkward whenever I got on a sales call - and my business was hurting because of it. Liz showed me her Close Clients Quickly System and taught me how to sell without feeling like I was selling.

-Steve K.

Inbound Marketing Agency 

“I love to connect with people! But getting to my ideal client, then talking about money and offering my service brought up lots of fear & anxiety.

The biggest value from Close Clients Quickly has to be the sales scripts! 
I received direct support form Liz in customizing the template to the service I offer! 

Now I'm confident in sales conversations...
something I never thought I'd ever say!”

— Janina G.
Business Optimization Specialist 

My income increased 422%!

-Lesley I.
Systems Specialist 

Selling With Service is all about putting YOUR needs first.



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