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The Sales School For Entrepreneurs is real time sales support so you can create the business you know you're capable of having!


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• Master your sales conversations, 
• Bust through limiting money beliefs, 
• Create your Power Positioning that speaks to your dream client! 
• Build your empire with grace, ease and massive profitability!


Because of The Sales School For Entrepreneurs, you’ll have the tools, momentum, support and systems to create income on demand for the rest of your business life!

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Why join the Sales School For Entrepreneurs?

The Sales School For Entrepreneurs combines community, content & LIVE conversation so that you can move through your money blocks, engage in conversations with ideal prospects who quickly and easily turn into dream clients!


Discover what to say, when, how often, and how to track when we unlock messaging magic secrets for steady sales success! 

Unlock key tools, tech and talk to grow your business with confidence and clarity so you can create quality clients on demand!

Release the belief that you have to be someone you're not in order to help people and have the business you truly desire! 

Questions?  Email [email protected] 



  • 1X Weekly LIVE* Training Sessions in the zoom room

  • 1X Weekly LIVE* Hot Seat Coaching in the zoom room 

  • 1X Monthly LIVE* Business Brainstorming Small Group Strategy Sessions

  • Guest Teachers on Topics including Marketing, Time Management, Planning, Presentations, and so much more!

  • INSTANT Access to the GROWING Library of training topics that include, but are not limited to: 

    • Discovering Your Money Languages
    • Creating your 'Give Basket' (follow up for service professionals!)
    • Co-Creating the Close (a new take on Overcoming Objections!) 
    • Navigating questions and negotiating service terms
    • 5 Points to Profit
    • Mastering your MONEY mindset....  and yeah, so much more!!

  • And perhaps the GREATEST VALUE of all is the 'SAY THIS NOT THAT' scripting and messaging sales support in our private FB Group.


*LIVE Trainings run anywhere from 1-3 hours.  They are recorded and uploaded for replay access. 

Join the Sales School For Entrepreneurs!

Sign up at $497/month
for 12 Months

Please note: Price increases to $597/mo after 11/15

Pay $5,070 in full
(A 15% discount)

Please note: Price increases to $6,000 after 11/15


You are great at your ZOAB (Zone Of Absolute Brilliance), but you’re having a hard time getting people to pay you well for it, or even, pay you at all.

You’ve always worked hard and been successful. You’re not afraid of hard work, but this financial uncertainty is extremely uncomfortable.

You’re best when everything is running smoothly, not touching your savings accounts other than to add to them, and feeling in control.

You’re most proud of saving as much as you have – you’ve done well for yourself. But, your greatest fear is blowing through the money you’ve worked so hard to save because you can’t get your business off the ground.

Having to go back to work for someone else is just not an option. What you need most is to not end your career, work, or life struggling. You’ve worked too damn hard for this!

You know it will all be worth with when you’re able to add significantly to your savings over the next 5 years, pay all your bills from your business, stop dipping into savings, work with whom you want, when you want – and travel the rest of the time!


Get ready to say that a lot because that’s precisely what happens when you allow yourself to get out of your ‘shift’!

That feeling you have now... (#holyshift, she knows me!)

Well, kind of. That’s Sam. She’s my *person*.

She’s the one who I speak to in all my marketing, the one I create all my programs for – the one I’m here to serve.

Now imagine – just for a moment – that you knew your *person* as well as I know you.

That’s what we’ll do together, among other things.

We’ll figure out who you’re selling what to, why, and how you speak to them.  AND... how you package your ZOAB in a way that helps your Sam the most!


Keep reading, this is about & for YOU – not me!

Meet *Sam*, by their real names!

Meet Marybeth…

“I closed a $47,000 Client, streamlined my sales process and took what I used to do to get the client and turned that into an entry level offering!”

Marybeth Gregg is the Founder The Gregg Resource Group and The International Center for Women’s Leadership.

Even with on impressive background helping international companies expand and thrive, in part by helping them focus on the right leadership and powerful teams, Marybeth was finding it increasingly hard to find new clients.

When presented with a new client opportunity, Marybeth would do her due diligence, including a compressive analysis of the client’s organization and her plan to get them moving in the right direction.

After some *tough love* and encouragement , Marybeth saw the value of what she was doing for free and now offers that as her entry level assessment so she’s getting paid to onboard the client into a longer, more lucrative engagement!

This process has led to her closing a $47,000 client!

Meet Sheryl…

“I thought Liz was crazy when she told me to triple my fees – but I trusted her, did it – AND GOT IT!!...and now I still think I’m priced too low!!”

Sheryl Thomas is the creator of Esteemed Divas photography and PlusCorp Photography in Houston, Texas.

Having been an entrepreneur the majority of her professional life, Shery| was stuck in trying to figure out why her business was stuck.

So, she did what she knew to do best – work harder, longer hours, do more, focus, focus, focus.

Sheryl knew she was over delivering and really under charging – but how do you do less, for more money and feel good about it?

Great question that we answered very early on working together, By the end of the first month, Sheryl TRIPLED her fees! Shaking – she made the first offer and without hesitation, the client accepted!

She’s been rolling along seamlessly ever since – even going so far as to negotiate out of a professional space her business model no longer require saving her $11,000 in less than one year!

Meet Jennifer…

“In our first month working together my sales increased 200% Month 2 increased 200% OVER LAST MONTH! I’m pretty happy with that trajectory!”

Jennifer is an (AH-MAZE-ING) Physicians Assistant turned Lyme Buddy.

When we started working together, she was charging her patients by the hour, having them come to her home office, totally over-delivering on them, and feeling really frustrated that she couldn’t figure out how to bump up her fees without pricing herself out of her market.

Also – in the back of her mind, she had this bigger, healthier and just funner vision for her business but her story at the time was – “well this one isn’t doing so hot, so why am I going to try may hand at something new?!”

After our first session, she had completely reworked her business model out of dollars per hour and into one that completely supported the transformation her clients needed while making the billing process a lot smoother and lucrative for her.

One year later, she’s stepping well over the 6-Figure mark, is working with clients she adores, and is starting to weave in that bigger, healthier, funner vision for her business into her daily practice!

Meet Julie…

“Before working with Liz, I was challenged with not having a map to confidently have powerful conversations to effectively close clients. I would get caught up with their objections and let them off the hook way too easily.

I learned how to ascertain and point out when someone is not presenting themselves as having an urgency about solving their problem. I am also taking a much stronger stand for prospects based on the confidence I have gotten from Liz’s service call script. It’s been extremely helpful and powerful.

Since working with Liz, I’ve earned $5,600 in business that I can directly relate to our work together – and that was just I the first month!”

Meet Janina…

“I love to connect with people! But connecting with my ideal client, getting to the point in the conversation of taking about money and offering my service brought up fear and anxiety.

There was lots of time spent on social conversations and coffee – and no real business transactions.

I started working with Liz after she called me! (Yes, she walks her talk!). She called and asked me lots of questions about how things were going for me. Had me describe what my ideal would be and then told me how she can get me from here to there. Nothing salesy – straight up from the heart offer to be of service to me in my business :)

The biggest value from working with Liz has to be the sales scripts! I received direct support from Liz in customizing her template to the service I offer! I have incorporated the script into my enrolling conversations and am having deeper discovery sessions with people!

Simply put, the biggest take away is consistency! I’m using the tools Liz provides to support being consistent.”

Meet Lesley…

“I was tied up in trying to give my clients what I felt they needed and I wanted to provide. Getting to know Liz and how dynamic she is, I thought, “I want some of what she’s having!”  Very early on in our work together, Liz helped me breakthrough to understand what my CLIENTS want and provide this to them.

Now, I am able to talk freely with my clients about my client wants, I’ve been able to reword my marketing and information to speak their language. It’s all about communication isn’t it?

My income was up 422% last year! Liz is strong when she needs to be to help get through that #HOLYSHIFT and she is very understanding and intuitive of my need too!”

Meet Colin…

“I’d been in business for myself practically my entire career as an architect . Lately though, it seemed as if the clients had just dried up. Not having the confidence or direction to know when to find them, I would find myself consumed with the business busywork ‘ rather than finding and closing clients.

Working with Liz, I’ve become re-energized & re-focused. She helped me to see that the process I’ve historically used to assess if a client was right for me is actually an entry level
‘product’ I can offer to generate fast income, provide amazing value to the client and get paid for what I use to do for free!

Also – I was able to close a client on the spot for $6,000 one day offer taking her sales scripting course!

She’s great at helping me with my sales copy, what to say when networking, she even went above and beyond and helped me design my newsletter! There’s really nothing she can’t do – and won’t do for her clients!”




It's easy to see that the accessibility, content, training, ROI and overall VALUE of the support is well over $25,000.


The investment is a FRACTION of that!



Honestly, ONE new client in your business should cover the FULL enrollment and then some. And if it doesn't... we need to talk!  Enroll above, or contact my team so we can help you, help more people!

Email [email protected] or schedule a call at 

See you on the inside! :)



Join the Sales School For Entrepreneurs!

Sign up at $497/month
for 12 Months

Please note: Price increases to $597/mo after 11/15

Pay $5,070 in full
(A 15% discount)

Please note: Price increases to $6,000 after 11/15

Discover the Proven method

The EMPOWERMENT Action Club is sales + money mastery with guided, step-by-step actions, accountability and support to create the business you know you're capable of!

  • Master your sales conversations
  • Bust through limiting money beliefs,
  • Schedule your priorities and accomplish more than you can imagine,
  • Build your empire with grace, ease and massive profitability!

The EMPOWERMENT Action Club is designed to give you the tools, momentum, support and systems to create income on demand for the rest of your business life!

Request an enrollment session to discuss how Liz Dederer & Cindy Cavoto will show you boost your business and enjoy earning on your entrepreneurial journey!