The mission of Selling With Service is to help people be normal in sales conversations and to speak confidently and competently around and about money.


Simply put – our purpose is to empower others to speak their value and own their worth so they never live a life that compromises their ability to be the best version of themselves. 


Founded in 2011 by Liz Dederer, Selling With Service has helped countless clients dramatically increase revenue, catapult their confidence, strengthen their sales teams and of course, Close Clients Quickly!

To be the gold standard in sales training nationwide. 

Companies will seek us out to certify their sales teams in our relationship based methodologies. 

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs will trust us to develop the foundation, positioning, and client facing conversations to grow their businesses. 

Individuals will flock to us to develop and enhance skills to add value to future employers. 

Women across the country and beyond will come to us as THE trusted resource to empower them with the skills, and financial acumen to always live life on their terms!

Liz Dederer

Founder & CEO

An avid shopper, Liz was drawn to retail as her first job.  From there she grew through the ranks to ultimately creating training programs and executed sales plans for international retailers as well as developed growth strategies for start-up, turnaround and high growth venture capital-backed companies.

In addition to her 2015 national speaking tour empowering thousands of women in business across the country on the topics of sales and money, Liz has been featured on the International Women and Money Summit on The 4 Currencies of Conversation™ empowering professionals to Close Clients Quickly™.

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Cindy Cavoto

VP Client Relations

Starting her entrepreneurial journey in 2007, Cindy Cavoto smartly rode the Social Media growth wave successfully for 10 years with her agency, FireBrand Social Media. As the FIRST Certified Sales Trainer with Selling With Service, Cindy takes her personal experience of quadrupling her sales with the program and now others to do the same!

Cindy completed her bachelor's degree in Business Management/Marketing from Post University while running her company full time, enjoying a successful marriage of over 25 years, and being a mom to 3 vibrant children. She currently resides in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

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