Helping more people, help more people.

Did you know that the
#1 mistake we all make
in sales conversations is... 

Making financial decisions for other people
from our own financial positioning or experience.  

Why is this so important to know?

Sales & Money:  

You can't have one without the other.
So we built a system around that.

Using our proprietary Financial Strength Finder Assessment, we reveal the key areas where you and your sales team may be giving away power in business conversations.

Then we develop proven scripts and skills to eliminate resistance and increase conversations.



Do you really know how to speak to your customers?

That's ok. We do.
And we'll teach you too!

In our comprehensive training programs, we teach you to listen for their Money Language so you can speak their language, not yours!

How we can help…

We start by talking about the thing 87% of sales professionals clam up when talking about – MONEY!

Speak Your Value, Own Your Worth

Here's a behind the scenes peek of our signature 2-Day training featuring emerging best practices for Selling With Service - the culmination of our Certification Program!



"This training helped me to see the sale through the eyes of the customer!  I've been sales 30 years and have never been taught like this!" 

Investing in your sales training is the closest thing to a direct ROI you can have!  

Our most requested training topic is on sales for this exact reason.  In these engaging, interactive and educational workshops, your sales team will be equipped and empowered to navigate the sales process, negotiating and closing conversations with confidence, grace and ease!

Consider all the time, energy and money that your team has spent unearthing and developing leads - only to leave an average of 50%-30% unclosed!  Learn the formula to a successful sales conversation every time so that your team is increasing conversion through conversation and is able to Close Clients Quickly! 

Through the lens of Selling With Service, participants learn how to overcome objections before they ever happen!

We've all been taught in sales that no is not a no, it's just a not now.  

Imagine having a different spin on it that taught your teams how to negotiate a close, reduce your follow-ups so you can close clients quickly!  That's all possible when participants learn the secrets of Selling With Service to Negotiate the Close! 

Selling secrets to having your newest clients fill your pipeline with your next best clients!


♦Speak Your Value with The 8 Languages of Money
Money is everywhere, especially in your business.  The more your team feels empowered in their personal finances, the more empowered and productive they are as employees!

Our money workshops are created and customized to address, educate and empower the Millenials, Mid-Life and Pre-Retirement age groups at their unique financial stages in life, professional development and beyond. 

♦Speak Your Value, Own Your Worth
Building confidence in even the most challenging communication situations (specifically around sales & money).

♦PowerHouse Presentation Skills 
Whether you're presenting to a room of 6 or 6,000, PowerHouse Presentations is designed to connect, engage and inspire the presenter to do the same with their audience!

♦Let's talk about Money!
How you do money is how you do everything!  In our most powerful workshop, we create a safe space for team members to talk about money - their relationship with it, past experiences and goals.  

Working together, participants develop a new understanding of money and leave feeling empowered, engaged and more confident in their personal finances which translate directly to their decisions around company finances as well! 

♦Finding Your Hidden Financial Strength
Hands-on workshop using The 8 Languages of Money™ Financial Strength Finder Assessment to determine your relationship, motivations, and triggers with money (and the other currencies!).


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