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 We believe that you don't have to feel icky or be 'salesy' to be effective.  

Because of this, our mission is to help people be normal in sales conversations and to speak confidently and competently around and about money.  We believe that you can be normal in sales conversations AND be successful AND help more people, help more people!


You're in the right place if you:

  • Work for a professional, financial or other service based company.
  • Are in a service based business by or for yourself.
  • Rely on your ability to speak to others to impact your income.
  • Sell (or want to sell) a higher ticket product or service, ($1,000+).
  • Truly believe in what you are selling.
  • Want to help more people.
  • Have a close rate less than 100%.
  • Want to increase your income, revenue, confidence and overall value.
  • Are a nice person with a good sense of humor. 



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