Imagine... helping more people, more often!


Sales School for Entrepreneurs is designed knowing that time is of the essence.  You don't need another 90 day, 6 month or even year long "PROGRAM".  You need fast actiondone-for-you emails, LinkedIn messages, say-this-not-that-scripts and easy-peasy to use sales tools so you can Close Clients Quickly by Selling With Service.. and you need access to them ALL THE TIME!


WHAT IF... you never had to hear...

"What's your fee?"   

"I'll get back to you later..."

"Let me think about it..." or even,

"I need to discuss this with..."


Insteadyou'd have the scripts, words and phrases to CONFIDENTLY NAVIGATE client concerns, objections AND achieve a 100% commitment to clarity with every client, every time!


In the Sales School for Entrepreneurs, through a combination of content, community and Q&A, you will:

  • Discover the 10 Proven Steps to having a perfect sales call, every time so in your next enrolling conversation, you'll know what to say, why you're saying it and how to maintain courageous control of the conversation!
  • Learn enrolling questions that leave you and your client feeling powerful and fully engaged so you can walk them to clarity every time!  
  • Gain instant access to done-for-you swipe files for email copy, LinkedIn Outreach, FB Marketing for powerful outreach and connections that convert.
  • Download pre-written, proven and tested scripts for what to say in conversations, when networking, and even voicemails so you're spending less time writing and researching and more time generating thousands of dollars and working with more clients than you can imagine!

Some Q's with A's...

Sales School For Entrepreneurs is currently running 6-Week Mini-Mesters.  We're either in session or in between sessions.

No!  We've been in business for almost 8 years strategizing with and training countless coaches, service providers, entrepreneurs and even sales teams.  

Over the years, the content was created piece by piece as online training, mini-courses, live workshops, ebooks, blogs, podcasts, etc. 

It's in different places, has old branding and some of the nuances of sales tactics, approaches, and marketing strategies have changed enough that it warrants a complete overhaul.  

So, we're dusting off, cleaning up and giving all the tried and true tested CONTENT a brand new, consistent look, feel and tone in a much more streamlined, cohesive and organized flow. 

1) Immediate access to the COLD TO CLOSED messaging and speaking scripts where you'll learn hot to generate quality and qualified leads from thin air!

2) Immediate access to the Close Clients Quickly Mini Class where you'll learn the framework for the proven and highly sought after Close Clients Quickly Sales Script. 

3) Pilot Program pricing

4) LOTS of extra time and attention

5) Your feedback and contributions to the overall growth of Sales School as the program refines and evolves overtime!

6) Founding member pricing for future programs and investments. 

Great!  Let us know!  Email: [email protected], or jump on our calendar at 

Picture it... a full client roster...

What IMPACT would that have on your time, energy, money and relationships?  

  • How much more money would you be able to save each month?

  • What causes would you be able to contribute to?

  • How many more people could you add to your community?

  • How much bigger would you be showing up in the world if you were able to close one more client per month?

  • How many more lives would you be able to impact if you were more skilled at closing the clients who were coming to you with a problem you know you can solve?

  • What would your income look like if you could not only close one more client per month, but one more per week, or even close a client each day?

  • Imagine how much easier it would be for you to be able to enrich each client's experience by having more clients coming into your world?

  • How quickly could you expand your empire with the additional revenue coming in from master the art of closing clients quickly?


All of this IMPACT is possible when you're Selling With Service! :) #seewhatwedidthere!